5 Reasons Why Having A Mobile Notary Business Is A Great Side Gig

prep your plan Jun 25, 2019

Starting a mobile notary business was one of the easiest and profitable side gigs that I've started and I want to share 5 reasons why having a mobile notary business is a great side gig and to help you decide if this is a side gig you'd like to start for yourself.

Reason #1. It has low startup costs with a great return.

I spent approximately $175 starting my mobile notary business.  This covered my state and county application fees to become a notary, errors and omissions insurance, a surety bond, a transaction stamp, an embosser stamp and business cards.

Shortly after receiving my notary commission, I learned how to conduct loan signings and closing real estate transactions.  To do this work, I found someone to train me on how to do this and to be my mentor. I had to take the National Notary Association's Signing Agent Certification Exam, complete a background check and I increased my errors and omissions insurance by $100,000. I paid $157 to take the exam, for the background check and to increase my insurance.

I made my initial investment of $175 back within one month of starting my business doing general notary work. I made the additional investment back of $157 with my first two signings.   Everything else that I made afterwards that year was 100% profit.

I was very happy with my results.  In my first year as a Notary Signing Agent, I made over $14,000 conducting loan signings and closing other real estate transactions as a side gig working about 15 hours per month between May and December.  This does not include the amount that I made in my first year doing general notary work. 

Not bad at all!

Reason #2. There are multiple ways to monetize your commission.

There are numerous opportunities for notaries to make money outside of general notary work and I didn't realize this until I did some detailed research on my own.  Not all roles require you to perform a notarial act, but several companies like to hire Notaries because of the role that they serve and the trust that is instilled in them with the commission that they hold by their state. Most of the money that I've made as a Notary has been working as a Notary Signing Agent and with doing general notary work.   

If you want to learn how you can become a Notary Signing Agent, click here for details.

Reason #3. No previous experience is required to be a Notary.

Yes, you don't have to have any previous experience to do this work.  You do need to be able to provide great customer service, pay attention to detail and be diligent with marketing your services to get opportunities. 

Reason #4.  It's a great role for networking and meeting people.

Since marketing is a main component of getting work for your business, you must push yourself to get out there and network.  You will meet people that you probably wouldn't have met if you weren't doing this work and this helps you get more leads to individuals or businesses that will use your services.  This role will also help you "come out of your shell" if you are a shy or not accustomed to socializing with strangers telling them about what it is that you do and how you can help them.

Reason #5. This business works well with a "9 to 5" or with a full-time job.

Notaries are needed after hours, meaning after 5 pm or what is considered the typical close of the business day, on weekends and on holidays, depending on the client's need.  As a mobile notary, you would travel wherever the job takes you in the areas in which you decide you will serve.  You set your own hours and you set your fees based on what is allowed by your state and the service you would perform.  This was one of the attractive aspects about this business that attracted me to it. I started my business while working a 9 to 5.

Hands down, this has been a profitable side gig for me with minimal overhead costs every year.  I have learned how to research opportunities, market my business inexpensively and to obtain clients.  My consulting firm now teaches individuals how to start their own mobile notary businesses as a side business. 

If you are interested in learning how you can start your own mobile notary business, click here to learn about The Mobile Notary Start Up e-book and planning guide on sale now.  It will guide you step-by-step on what you need to do to launch your new business with ease.

Let's get it!

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