The Mobile Notary Start Up E-Book 

This simple all-in-one comprehensive e-book and planning guide is a valuable resource to take you step by step to plan the launch of your mobile notary business with ease.

 If you are a notary or soon to be notary and need detailed direction on how to start your new business, this resource is for you!

This resource will make your start up process easier and less stressful...

This e-book is designed for beginners and will help you create your plan and launch strategy, step by step, for your mobile notary business.  It's clear, direct and to-the-point for you to complete and launch with ease.

It will cover:

  1. Notary do's and dont's.
  2. Your services and fee schedule.
  3. Business entities 
  4. Any permits or licenses required
  5. Researching and naming your business.
  6. DBA's or "Doing Business As" designations 
  7. Setting up tax identification numbers.
  8. Setting up business bank accounts.
  9. Your budget and calculating start up costs.
  10. Establishing your brand. 
  11. Marketing your business for leads.
  12. Ways to collect customer payments. 
  13. Other ways to make money as a Notary.

The Side Gig Hustler's framework in this guide is designed to help you:

Mold Your Mindset

We use too much energy being fearful of starting a new business.  The Mobile Notary Start Up guide is designed to give you comfort knowing that you are using a proven method to use to help you launch your mobile notary business correctly.  

Prep Your Plan

Having a solid plan for your business will help you feel confident in what you are doing.  You will have identified your weaknesses and discovered some hidden gems.  You will know where you need additional assistance and what will surely work for you in your business.




Explosively Execute

Your mind is clear and your focused when you know what you need to do.  Now it's time to execute!  Follow your plan and this will keep you on your path to start your new business with ease.  

About the Author - Monica Y. Wallingford

This Chief Hustler is an experienced Certified Notary Signing Agent and Small Business Consultant based in Southfield, Michigan.  Her small business consulting firm, The Side Gig Hustler, works with women who work a "9 to 5" start their own home based side business.  The Side Gig Hustler offers digital training and tools to help new entrepreneurs from idea generation to the launch of their new side business. She also trains notaries how to conduct loan signings and close other types of real estate transactions as a Notary Signing Agent and to start their own mobile notary businesses.

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The e-book will be delivered to you via email within 2 hours of your purchase.

You will have a clear picture of what you need to do and how to get it done!  This ebook is designed for beginners and will help you create your plan and launch strategy for your mobile notary business.  It's clear, direct and to-the-point for you to complete and launch with ease.

You will be guided through a detailed process to help you identify what you need in your business and the processes and tools you'll need to operate. It will cover the:

  1. Common types of business entities great for a mobile notary businesses. 
  2. How to research any permits or licenses required, if any, in your state.
  3. The process of researching and naming your business.
  4. What are DBA's or "Doing Business As" designations and if you need one.
  5. Where to go to set up your tax identification numbers.
  6. How to research and select banks to set up your business bank accounts.
  7. How to calculate your start up costs.
  8. What to do when establishing your brand. 
  9. Methods to market your business for leads.
  10. Ways to collect customer payments. 
  11. Other ways you can make money as a notary.

This e-book is designed for beginners and new start ups, however established mobile notary business owners can use it too!  

Absolutely not!  You can work through this ebook and determine what you need to put in place to start and launch a mobile notary business and get an estimate of how much it will cost you to get started.

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