Helping the 9 to 5 woman launch her side gig and make her bank account happier!



Welcome to The Side Gig Hustler!

At The Side Gig Hustler, we are dedicated to empowering driven women to build their own side businesses and establish profitable income streams, earning 3 to 5 figures per month, that they can manage alongside their full-time jobs and other life responsibilities.

Our expertise lies in two specific areas:

  • Providing comprehensive training resources through our Savvy Signer program to help individuals launch a mobile notary business and become a Notary Signing Agent.
  • Teaching individuals how to leverage their knowledge and skillsets to solve problems through digital products that can generate significant revenue.

We are passionate about all things related to side gigs and side hustles, and we are excited to help you get started on your own journey towards financial independence.

Are you ready to take the leap and start your own side gig? Join us at The Side Gig Hustler, and let's get started on building your successful business today!


Meet Monica and learn why she loves helping women become BOSSES!





“My experience during the consultation process has been eye opening. Before starting the process, I knew nothing of how or where to start. Thanks to the Side Gig Hustlers’ guidance and step-by-step direction, I narrowed down the focus of my business entity name to The Cursive Design Company, LLC. I developed a more concentrated list of market research product/services, which I am still developing, learned how to register my business with the state and begin researching my social media brand and other marketing concepts. I look forward to the next steps of development and highly recommend The Side Gig Hustler!”

U. Nance CEO- The Cursive Design Co, LLC






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