How Your Advice Can Make Your Bank Account Happier

prep your plan Jan 13, 2020

Do people come to you often asking you advice about a specific topic(s) AND they successfully use the advice?

If so, congratulations, you have used knowledge that you already know to solve someone’s problem!

If you have personally experienced the information you shared with a friend, family member or acquaintance and it solved someone’s problem, you are considered an expert and provided consulting services.  I would even guess that you probably gave that information away for a whopping price tag of F.R.E.E. (Don’t feel bad, we all do it.)

Most of my clients immediately think that they need to learn something entirely new and foreign to them in order to make money. 

Businesses are problem solvers and they make money from selling their solutions.  These solutions can be a product or a service in a physical or digital format. The type is based on what is easier for the client to use successfully. 

If you are a mom, think about the advice...

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5 Reasons Why Having A Mobile Notary Business Is A Great Side Gig

prep your plan Jun 25, 2019

Starting a mobile notary business was one of the easiest and profitable side gigs that I've started and I want to share 5 reasons why having a mobile notary business is a great side gig and to help you decide if this is a side gig you'd like to start for yourself.

Reason #1. It has low startup costs with a great return.

I spent approximately $175 starting my mobile notary business.  This covered my state and county application fees to become a notary, errors and omissions insurance, a surety bond, a transaction stamp, an embosser stamp and business cards.

Shortly after receiving my notary commission, I learned how to conduct loan signings and closing real estate transactions.  To do this work, I found someone to train me on how to do this and to be my mentor. I had to take the National Notary Association's Signing Agent Certification Exam, complete a background check and I increased my errors and omissions insurance by $100,000. I paid $157...

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4 Reasons Why Creating A Plan For Your New Side Gig Start Up Is Crucial To Your Success

prep your plan Jun 17, 2019

Preparation is key when starting a new business and it's done by PLANNING out your side gig before you start.

If you have already started your business and you skipped this step, it is never too late to go through this process.  It will help you determine what things you've missed, what processes you can eliminate or add, and allow you to make the necessary shifts in your business.

People tend to look at the exercise of planning something as being a tedious process and it can be if you've never done it before.  I can tell you that once you do it, you'll be glad that you did and I am going to share four reasons why planning is crucial to your side gig success.

1 - You will have a business idea that is certified GOLD. 

Your business idea is a solution to someone's problem.  When you have brainstormed, researched and validated your idea, you are now crystal clear on the problem, how your solution can make someone's life easier and if...

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4 Types of Business Ideas You May Need to Revive

prep your plan Jun 10, 2019

Why is it that we struggle when it comes to brainstorming business ideas?

We psych ourselves out to the point of exhaustion and confusion and then we put the process on the back burner telling ourselves that we'll get back at it.

Then we look up and 3, 6 or 12 months have passed, and we still haven't moved forward with this process.  Sound familiar?

Let me help you out a bit here.

To help you along with brainstorming some business ideas, I want you to focus on some business ideas you may have put in the " No Go" box.  Click here to download my number one worksheet to help me brainstorm business ideas.

I've revived several ideas I once deemed as no good and found that they deserved some attention and I think you should consider doing the same.

The 4 types of business ideas you may need to revive:

1. The ideas you shared with friends and family that made them frown and their reaction rained on your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

I know, you got excited about...

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