"Monica’s coaching services at Side Gig Hustler are truly top-notch. As a professional coach, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Monica is an exceptional listener and communicator, and she has a remarkable ability to understand my unique and specific needs. What sets Monica apart from other coaches is her commitment and accessibility to helping me achieve my goals. She doesn't just offer advice and support; she works closely with you to develop actionable strategies that will help you succeed. Monica is also highly responsive and provides timely feedback and guidance. The Side Gig Hustler coaching program is comprehensive and covers all aspects of starting and growing a successful side business. Monica provides expert guidance and support every step of the way. She also offers valuable resources and tools that make it easy for you to implement her recommendations and achieve your goals. Overall, I highly recommend Monica Wallingford and her coaching services at The Side Gig Hustler to anyone who is serious about starting or growing a side business. Her expertise, professionalism, and commitment to her clients make her an outstanding coach and a valuable asset to anyone looking to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship."

Kawana Baldwin – Client
The Beauty Bar by the Eyelash Kween

"What I liked about The Savvy Signer Real Estate Transactions Closing Course is that we had our own sample documents and Monica put together a script for us so we would know exactly what to say. We had documents in front of us and we knew exactly what to do, how to sign everything and the materials we needed. She gave us EVERYTHING! She is very hands on. She’s not one of those teachers that offers a course and then once it’s done, she disappears. You can still get in contact with her and ask her questions. That’s what I really appreciated. She was very supportive!"

Jessica Williams
The Savvy Signer Trainee

""This training was GREAT!! The pace was nice. The information & the way it was explained was done very well! I actually printed out the docs when you emailed them on Tuesday & highlighted & took notes during class today! 😊 I'm feeling a bit more confident in taking my first signing! Thank you so much!!!!! I'm not sure if you have a place for reviews but consider this a review! You've always been very helpful & friendly when I've asked questions throughout the years!""

Kelly Jones
The Savvy Signer Trainee

""I met Monica around 5 years ago on a masterclass that she presented on becoming a successful notary. Prior to meeting Monica I had no idea the great opportunities that exist as a notary and building a successful business. I have gained a whole new skill set with Monica’s expertise and willingness to help. The Side Gig Hustler is an amazing program and I would say an inaugural part of the notary programs you see online now. If you have an idea and bit of hustle, then Monica Wallingford and The Side Gig Hustler is the right program for you!""

Cinnamon Ashford
The Savvy Signer Trainee

""I had a great time working with Monica, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She is knowledgeable and creative in all aspects of business. Monica was patient and assisted me in brainstorming ideas that led to the success and growth of my business. She will always be my go-to person for business matters.""

Jessica Williams - Client
From the Underwriters View

"After attending the webinar on brainstorming your side gig, I spoke with Monica regarding an existing business I have. I explained to her how the business idea came about to assist small businesses with HR and Administrative practices development. She quickly said that there is a need for my business and then asked about my target audience. I did not have a targeted audience and was struggling with how to move forward with my business. She really took the time to ask me questions about ME; my professional background, what comes easy for me. She was able to pull things out of me that made light bulbs go off! If you haven't checked her out, you need to!!"

Shannon A. Thomison - Client
A Journey In Becoming, LLC.

"The webinar tonight was AWESOME!! It was exactly what I was looking for to level up my brand. Monica gave so much valuable information to make you ready to create profitability in your business."

Charisse Reed
Webinar Attendee & CEO of Virtual Concierge 4U

"My experience during the consultation process has been eye opening. Before starting the process, I knew nothing of how or where to start. Thanks to the Side Gig Hustlers’ guidance and step-by-step direction, I narrowed down the focus of my business entity name to The Cursive Design Company, LLC. I developed a more concentrated list of market research product/services, which I am still developing, learned how to register my business with the state and begin researching my social media brand and other marketing concepts. I look forward to the next steps of development and highly recommend The Side Gig Hustler!"

Urayna Nance – Client
The Cursive Design Co.

"What I like about The Savvy Signer Real Estate Transactions Closing Course and Ms. Monica is, unlike the other ways I could learn online and I was able to learn from someone who is an actual trainer. Even though the training was all online, Monica has been great and always available. She holds office hours online, is always available and present for questions. This is what made me think this was the best path for me. I learn very hands-on and it’s been helpful to have a trainer, a guide and a mentor with plenty of experience."

Wendy Bailey
The Savvy Signer Trainee

"What I liked about the training is that Monica is very organized and the way that she trains is in steps. She started with everyone introducing themselves then Monica explained how the business works. That was really a great way to start out the training.
Then Monica broke it down with different transactions and us going through them for us to clearly understand what types of documents we were working with, the terminology, and what you could encounter when you do a closing for any specific person.
I liked that Monica was extremely thorough and patient. Even if we asked the same questions over and over, she was great with her responses and that she really took her time so we could understand. It wasn’t a rush and I truly appreciated that!"

Lisa Vinson
The Savvy Signer Trainee

"I am in the process of rebuilding my business. I took some time away to decide if I really wanted a side business. I realized that I made several mistakes as a young business woman. Monica is helping me get back on track. Monica is accessible and knowledgeable. She will give you the information that you’ll need to be successful, but you have to be willing and ready to put in the work. She will help you get the job done. Get ready to work!!"

F. Watkins
Future Side Gig Hustler

"Working with The Side Gig Hustler has been a rewarding experience. The Golden Idea Worksheet was thought provoking and surprisingly gave me insight to how I should align my goals and the steps I need to take towards forming my side gig. Thank you to The Side Gig Hustler for the one-on-one consulting to help me generate my ideas."

Khadijah Johnson
Future Side Gig Hustler

"We reached out to Monica because we were looking to add additional income besides what we bring home from our day to day jobs while working for ourselves. Since we knew she already had several successful side gigs we thought we would seek out her advice. We didn't really know what we could do but that was not a problem at all. While talking with Monica she was able to ask us questions about things we already know and do, and very quickly came up with several ideas that my wife and I were excited about. The ideas weren't random, they were unique to our abilities. We were extremely satisfied with our time spent with Monica and would surely recommend her to others looking to improve their finances and start a new side gig."

C&S Robinson
Future Side Gig Hustlers

"Monica is an active listener. She asks the right questions, and from there she zeros in on your strengths to help you develop a business plan. She takes the time to brainstorm with her clients and strategize on ideas that you never thought were possible.
In the last 5 years Monica has become more than a friend, she is my mentor. I have learned so much from her. Being idle and a procrastinator must be eliminated immediately to achieve optimal outcomes. In a year and year and a half, I have received two promotions with financial increase. Monica has helped me to go after my passion for teaching as well as develop business ideas that capitalize upon my education, and work expertise.
Monica is sharp, business savvy, and an absolute wizard at helping her clients build upon their dreams. She has personally helped me to prioritize what is truly important in my life. Monica cares and supports her clients. Her business is her way of saying I'm here to help you be your best."

Future Side Gig Hustler

"After taking an interest in selling shirts, I did very little research but was was ready to partner with a direct sales company to set things in motion. Before making any firm commitments, I reached out to Monica because of her extensive knowledge and experience with starting a business and entrepreneurship as a whole. Monica suggested that I make my own shirts instead of partnering with a direct seller. She told me to look into purchasing equipment, buying shirts and supplies at a wholesale price and compare cost/profits that could be obtained if I owned my own company. Monica was right. I stood the chance to make significant profits by creating my own business. I applied everything Monica taught me; registering a business name, purchasing equipment and supplies at discounted prices and selling shirts by word of mouth before selling them at different trade shows and online. Thanks to Monica’s turn your hobby into a successful business” philosophy, Zahirah Creations is budding shirt company and is looking forward to expanding the product line, obtaining multiple partnerships and participating in some of the biggest events in Southeastern United States. Thank you, Monica for the encouragement and sharing your knowledge regarding small businesses."

Yolanda Dowe – Client
Zahirah Creations and Frizzy Tresses Studio

"I have taking a training from Monica a few years ago on how to become a notary signing agent. The training was power pack and I was left with pages of notes to get started. Even though my personally life had some shifts, I still held onto my notes from the training. Monica is very thorough, answer led everyone's questions with enthusiasm because she wants us to be successful. "

Tiffanie Worthy - Client
The Savvy Signer Trainee

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