Are you ready to create an income source solving problems with your knowledge, packaged and delivered with digital products?


This is the place where you learn HOW to get paid for what you know and have fun while doing it.



Have you ever thought..


 "If I had a dollar for every time I've given away advice I'd be a millionaire."


If your answer is YES, then it's definitely time to retire your Expert Hat and replace it with your new Consultant Crown.

Here's the problem.


You need another income source, that works for you behind the scenes. 

You want to travel, start savings plans for your children, boost up your retirement, buy a new house, car or pay off some debt. 

Perhaps you want to start your exit plan from the 9-to-5 or add products to your existing business.

Whatever your plans, you are ready to make it happen.

You've heard about the E-learning industry and how people are monetizing their knowledge and skillsets with digital products.   

It's piqued your interest because you can do this while working your 9-to-5, running a business, or handling other full-time responsibilities that require you to be physically present.

You are the "go-to" person in your circle.


You have a wealth of knowledge and valuable advice.

And you know this because people often ask for your help and your guidance solves their problems.

You just need some clarity on how to organize and structure your advice and knowledge into a digital product or virtual service.

You need strategies to use to get your products in front of the right customer who needs you and your solution.

Lastly, you need to learn how to set up your business to automate the sales and delivery process to work for you behind the scenes and to monetize it!

I've got your solution.

✔Work with a successful mentor and trainer who has sold over six figures in digital products and services while having a 9-to-5, working as a Notary Signing Agent, and running a successful small business consulting firm. 

✔Learn strategies on how to create and launch 5 types of digital products that are income-generating.

✔Join a brand new beginner-friendly community with others who will become your new Crew, Clique, and future Collaborators. 

✔ This is a space for YOU; to learn, create, motivate and cultivate your success while having FUN doing it. 

All The Strategies You Need To Create and Sell Your Digital Products


I'm going to show you exactly HOW you take all that advice and knowledge you've acquired and turn it into an income source. 


The Consultant Crown Collective.


A membership designed for the ambitious woman teaching her how to package her knowledge into problem-solving solutions using digital products to create a positive influence and make her bank account happier at the same time.

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Joining The Collective is for you if you are.. 


✔Serious about doing the necessary work to create a powerful income source.

✔An ACTION TAKER and are ready to invest in yourself. 

✔ Committed to immersing yourself in the E-learning industry and making this a priority in your life to learn.

✔ Willing to embrace technology.

✔Ready to meet and engage with other future virtual Consultants who will become your new Crew, Clique and Collaborators.


WHY should you join The Collective?

In the BILLION DOLLAR E-learning and digital product creation space, there are hundreds of training and strategies to help beginners get started. 

However, I've found that my beginner-level clients, often need a guide to virtually "hold their hand", to dive deep in the basics and walk them through exactly what they need to do.  

It's a space to embrace, inspire and guide YOU!

YOU are already an Expert with all the advice you give away for $FREE.00.

Let me stop you right now from thinking that what you know isn't valuable enough to sell.


You've given away advice that people used to solve their problems.  So guess what?  You are a Consultant!

I'm Monica Wallingford...

Chief Hustler of The Side Gig Hustler and creator of The Consultant Crown Collective.

Since 2020, there has been an "eye-opener" to some and a serious realization to others that establishing multiple sources of income is required NOW.

My goal with launching this membership is to introduce women to the billion-dollar e-learning industry and to teach them how to monetize their knowledge via digital products as an income source.

Four years and six figures in sales later, this has been one of the best income sources I've established.

In my business, I package my small business, digital product creation, and Notary knowledge into various digital products with solutions for my client's problems. I do this 100% online, home-based, and in a plain little corner in my home.

How I monetize what I know.

I break down my "knowledge bank" to rediscover what I already know that may solve someone's problem.

I research if the problem is BIG enough that they are willing to pay for it and then determine HOW to best solve and deliver it to them.  The solution can be delivered with a digital product.

You may ask "Why should I sell a digital product?"

A few of the benefits are that they are relatively low-cost to create, have zero shipping costs, you don't have to bother with any inventory and you can automate the sales process to generate passive income.  Literally, making money while you do other things or while you sleep!

Joining The Collective allows me to mentor you and teach you exactly what's worked in my business to do this successfully. 

Are you ready to get started?

Membership definitely has its benefits.


This is how the membership works.


You will have access to a private membership site to access your lessons. 


These lessons are designed to be simple and easy to complete within 60-90 minutes so that you can incorporate this training into your already busy schedules. 


We'll spend 10 weeks on each type of digital product type with lessons being delivered to you in the membership portal. 


You will follow the stages of the Prosperity Passage for each of the following digital product types: eBooks, Printables, Courses, Masterclasses, and Virtual Services.


Lessons will comprise a variety of video training, workbooks, worksheets, and more, designed to teach you simple strategies to create and launch 5 types of digital products.  


And the other benefits that members will receive are INSANE, in a very good way!

Direct Access to Monica

You won't have to go through this process alone. You will have access to Monica and will be able to reach her personally via email, at the Q&A sessions and in The Collective Community.

Simple Training Lessons

We are busy with our 9 to 5's, businesses, family responsibilities, and more!  We don't have a lot of time to spare.  The training lessons will be simple to understand and super packed with all the info you'll need to get the lesson done quickly.

Access to The Collective Community

You'll have access to a members only Facebook Community where we can chat, exchange information, hype each other up and keep up with what's happening in our own journeys.

Guest Speakers & Member Spotlights

Hear from experts specializing in Financial Planning, Mindset Coaching, Marketing, Branding and more.  We'll also spotlight member accomplishments and have them share the secret sauce to their success!

Live Monthly Q&A's

Join Monica for a 90 minutes via Zoom for Q&A. Bring your questions, share your WINS or get a pep talk. This is time set aside for YOU.

1st Friday's Virtual Happy Hour

Grab a cocktail or a coffee and chill out! Come and connect with your new Crew on Zoom.

The Prosperity Passage will be your guide as you go through 5 stages of actions and milestones for each digital product. You'll learn how to:


1) Identify the Problem


2) Outline the Solution


3) Create the Product


4) Tell Your People


5) Review, Revise Repeat


Investment Option #1 Annual Plan


Best Value!

  • Simple Training Lessons
  • Direct Access to Monica
  • LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Facebook Community
  • Private Membership Site Access
  • Guest Speakers
  • Member Spotlights
  • Access to 1st Friday's Virtual Happy Hour
  • Locked in at this pricing if you renew in 365 days.
(Choose the annual option and get 2 Months FREE!)

Investment Option #2 Monthly Plan


  • Simple Training Lessons
  • Direct Access to Monica
  • LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Facebook Community
  • Private Membership Site Access
  • Guest Speakers
  • Member Spotlights
  • Access to 1st Friday's Virtual Happy Hour
  • Locked in at this pricing as long as you remain in good standing.




If you bought these trainings separately you’d invest at least $3,000 a year.

(if not more!)


You can get access to everything for an entire year for only $590 $390!)


(That’s less than you’d pay for a single course!)
Or pay just $59 $39 per month (cancel any time with  a 15-day notice)


The Collective is waiting for YOU.

It's a gentle, encouraging, inclusive, and safe space for beginners. There are no "stupid" ideas or questions.

It's your new Crew, your Clique, and future Collaborators.

It's where you can get inspiration or be vulnerable with zero judgment.

Get a pep talk when you need motivation or a supportive ear to encourage you when fear and doubt sneak up on you.

It's going to be a lively and FUN space to be, interact, and network 

There is a space for you and we've got your back.

All you have to do is accept that it's time for you to take ACTION.