How To Brainstorm Your Side Gig Idea

Your business idea is the foundation of your business.  Let me teach you the simple and quick strategy I use to brainstorm profitable 5- figure side gigs!


Does any of this sound familiar?

The idea of starting a side business can be downright confusing and scary, especially if you don’t know the first steps to take to make it happen.

You know that it starts with a really good business idea that has the potential to be very profitable.

Then you think about how other people are already doing it and talk yourself out of it by deciding that the industry is “over saturated”.

Or maybe you think of all of these ideas that you do have, but don’t know which one is the best for you to launch.  

Oh, and let’s not even forget those thoughts about how you would possibly manage your time starting and running a business while maintaining responsibilities at your “9 to 5”, a family and/or a full-blown household. 

I would guess that this may sound familiar to you and could be the reason why you haven’t even started!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that the process of brainstorming ideas and deciding which one to launch is easy to do on your own without guidance because IT’S NOT!

Aren’t you tired of thinking about wanting to start a business? Aren't you ready to make it a reality so you can get this money?

It’s time to:

  1. Stop making this process more difficult on yourself than it needs to be.
  2. Take those negative and doubtful thoughts of not being able to do this and use that energy to take ACTION and make the positive change that your bank account needs.
  3. Push fear aside and finally make some progress towards launching the side business you’ve always wanted.

After launching several side businesses over the past 13 years and helping countless others launch theirs, I’ve created an 8-step strategy in a video based mini-course, How To Brainstorm Your Side Gig Idea, to teach you a successful process you can complete in less than an hour for each of your ideas to:

  • Uncover your WHY and what you do in your life currently that you can monetize as a business.
  • Determine which of the ideas that you already have are worthy of your time, your energy and your money.
  • Identify what type of client would most benefit from your product or service.
  • Research your idea to see what all you can do with it and how to position it in the market.
  • Validate your idea to determine if people will buy it. 

After you complete this training, you will be able to immediately take everything that you’ve learned and put it into action! 


After you take this training, you will be able to:

Brainstorm and clarify side gig ideas.

You will learn a successful 8-step strategy that cover your WHY, your wants and what you do in your life currently that you could potentially monetize. Once you complete this exercise, you will have a list of ideas.

Identify your ideal client.

(Bonus Training)

Your idea is the business and it is the solution for the person or company you are helping.  You will  know how to determine who your ideal client is so you will know how to communicate to them that you can solve their problem. 


Research and validate your ideas.

 (Bonus Training)

Researching and validating your idea is a MUST before you launch. You will save yourself  time, effort and money by following the process we use to vet our ideas quickly and effectively. It will help you determine how to package your solution for SALES!

This on-demand digital mini course consists of 3 training videos and 3 workbooks. 

You will have access to the training in a private membership site 24/7 for 12 months. 

What the trainees say...

Miles T. – This training has made this process much easier for me to do.  I am an overthinker and this training helped me to finally make a decision on the business I should launch.

Corinne S.I am excited to launch my new side hustle.  I’ve pondered on this idea for YEARS and am going to launch it!  Learning how to research and validate my idea was what I needed to be confident about moving forward with it.

Natasha W.This mini course was my life saver!  I’ve been watching The Side Gig Hustler for a while and decided to invest in myself.  I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Best $39 I ever spent!

Cary P.Initially I thought that I didn’t need training to teach me how to come up with ideas, but I was wrong.  I discovered knowledge that I didn’t even realize was good enough to monetize.  Monica has given me a completely different way on how to brainstorm ideas.  I’m very happy with this training.

Mya B.I have several business ideas but have dismissed them because I saw other people selling the same thing.  The training taught me to look at the full picture about my ideas and figure out how I could make my product stand out more or differently from others.  I didn’t know that researching and validating ideas was so important.  This was eye opening for me!

About the Trainer - Monica Y. Wallingford

I am a Small Business Consultant specializing in helping the "9 to 5" woman tap into her knowledge bank using what she already knows to solve problems for her clients via digital products. 

I teach them how to put on their "Consultant Crowns" while schooling others, positively influencing their lives and making their bank accounts happier in the process.

I also own a mobile notary business and am a certified Notary Signing Agent servicing the metro-Detroit, Michigan area.

I am all about this side gig and side hustle life.  Allow me to help you launch yours!  Let's go!


Got questions? I've got answers...

Shortly after checkout, you will receive an email from The Side Gig Hustler Digital Vault with you login ID and password to use to access a private membership site where you will have access to the course for 12 months after purchase.  

This mini course consists of 3 training videos and 3 guides that will teach you a successful 8-step strategy to help you brainstorm side gig ideas, help you gain clarity on existing ideas and sort through other ideas you may have to determine which ones you should move forward with. The BONUS TRAINING will cover how to identify your ideal client and how to research and validate your ideas to determine which ones you should move forward with launching.

No, this training is designed for all business types. This is what's called foundation training and all businesses need to do this. 

This training is non-refundable.

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