Are you ready to figure out what you need to do to start a home based side business?

 You want to start a home based side business that you can work along with your "9 to 5" and you already have some great business ideas!

Or perhaps you have ZERO ideas because you don't know what you are good at and what type of business you should start.  You need help brainstorming ideas!

What you do know is that you are excited and ready to move forward to make your new business a reality.

But you have no clue about the next steps you need to take to launch it.

You've heard about how you need to research, validate and then plan out your business ideas BEFORE you get started and you know that you don't want to waste any money trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

You need direction and clarification for you to move forward with some ACTION  behind it to make this happen!

If  this is you, then you are in the right place.  

The Hustle Plan can help you!


The Hustle Plan is a training to guide you through creating a streamlined business plan specifically designed for home based side businesses. It's a powerful method to create a road map for each of your business ideas. It will help you to determine which idea is the best for you as a side business and what components you need to launch it. Most of us don't have a lot of time on our hands to spend months or years trying to brainstorm business ideas and to figure out if they will work or not. We need to learn what we need to do, how we need to do it and if it will make money. The Hustle Plan will help you get to the finish line!

You'll receive...


On figuring out what products and/or services you can sell.

Create a process you'll use to produce, price and deliver products and/or services.

Determine the tools you'll need to operate.

Understand what legal structures are common for small businesses.

Determine what aftercare/maintenance is required for your business.


With access to over 6 hours of video training, you'll learn how to research and choose:

Products, services, vendors, delivery, pricing, tools to operate, customer payment methods, branding basics, marketing, legal structures, your team and projected costs to launch.


This is the process you can use for every single idea you've brainstormed to determine which one you should launch (first). You will:

Develop solid researching and validation skills.

Have a process to use to determine how much it will cost you to get started.

Have a plan to follow on the steps needed to launch a new business.

And you'll receive BONUS TRAINING!..

If you don't have any ideas brainstormed, don't worry! You'll have access to a BONUS training, The Golden Idea- How To Brainstorm, Research & Validate to help you brainstorm side gig ideas, research and validate them. Once you've generated a list of side gig ideas to start with, you can move forward with the rest of the training to create your road map of what you need to do next to launch!

Hear what these Hustlers are saying about the training...


Are you ready to create a plan for your side gig ideas so you can start making some money?


Are you ready to create a plan for your side gig ideas so you can start making some money?


Meet Monica, Your Trainer.

Monica Wallingford is a Certified Notary Signing Agent and Small Business Consultant whose firm, The Side Gig Hustler, specializes  in helping women who work a 9 to 5 start their own home based side business.  

With over 15 years of combined experience in these roles, she loves side gigs, side hustles and everything in between. With her knowledge and passion, she and has helped countless women realize their dreams of starting their own business.


Frequently Asked Questions...

You will have access to 6 hours of training  that you will be able to access at your leisure on a private membership site. 

After your purchase, you will  receive an email from The Side Gig Digital Vault with your login  information to access the training.  You will also receive an invitation  to join The  Hustle Plan Facebook Group to get additional support with other trainees and I am available to answer questions, give pep talks and  keep you focused on your ultimate goal...LAUNCHING YOUR  BUSINESS!

You will have access to this content for 12 months from the date of purchase.

There are 5 sessions totaling  6 hours of training. 

  1. Products & services – (digital and/or physical)
  2. Vendors
  3. Delivery
  4. Pricing
  5. Tools to operate
  6. Customer payment methods
  7. Branding
  8. Marketing
  9. Your Team
  10. Legal Structures
  11. Aftercare/Maintenance
  12. Funding & Finances

No, all sales are final.

If you have any questions,  email [email protected] or  submit a  request on the Contact Us page at


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